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Attractions to watch in Vagamon:

Vagamon comes with a variety of attractions which will satisfy any type of visitors ie., adventure seekers, Nature lovers, travelers etc.
For those who opt to be have some mystic and spiritual moments, Vagamon gifts them with three wonderful spots:

Kurisumala vagamon


The devotees climb Kurisumala – Mountain of the Cross - carrying wooden

crosses during the holy week. It’s also one of the most visiting places, and just 10

km away from Vagamon.

Thangal Para  vagamon

Thangal Para

Thangal Para - a mysteriously gigantic rock where the Dargah of Sheikh Fariduddin, an Afghani Sufi saint - is located. The Uroos festival here is very famous and it attracts thousands of devotees every year.

Murugan Mala vagamon

Murugan Mala

The temple of Lord Murugan is situated on the top of this hill which is on the eastern side of Kurisumala. This temple is constructed using a single rock. Large number of devotees visits here every year. It’s located just 8 Km away from Vagamon town.

Pine forest vagamon

Pine forest

An ideal place for outing and trekking activities - is another attraction for visitors.

Suicide Point in Vagamon is meant for adventures

Suicide Point in Vagamon is meant for adventures.

There you can enjoy adventurous activities like paragliding, rope climbing, etc..

Kurisumala vagamon

Kurisumala Ashram

Situated in Sahya Mountains, it’s a monastery for Christian ascetics. Here, you can feel the deep silence which would drive you gently to a meditative mood. This is why a lot of people reach to this place searching the real peace and to experience God.



A tunnel shaped stone at the top of a - mountain. It's really amazing how Nature plays tricks on its objects... Travelers who come to be so close with Nature in Vagamon, watch the Kuzhalkallu magic played by the Extreme power. Local people here believe there is a legendary background behind this stone.

Tunnel vagamon


This is situated 6 km from Vagamon town. A good spot to watch! Travelers stop here and enjoy canoe paddling.

Urumbi Hill

Urumbi Hill

This place is adjacent to Idukki dam, and is the best spot for trekking purpose. Elephants can be seen in plenty in this forest. Hanging huts on the tree branches can be seen here and it’s worth a try!

Moon Mala or Moon Hill

Moon Mala is situated so high from the sea level that Idukki Dam water can easily be seen from there! It’s 2 km from Vagamon town and situates at a height of more than 4000 feet. From here, you can have a good view of Kurisumala, Thangal Para, Murukan mala, etc.,


Vagamon is popular for its green meadows. After Kashmeer, Vagamon is considered as the second largest meadows. A walking tour to Vagamon meadows gives a cool relaxation for mind. A nature walk through the marshy grasslands offers a wonderful chance to feel the beauty of nature to tourists. Interesting games for kids and elders are arranged on the vast green landscape.

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